Benefit Concert For Recycling In Haiti With Gabe Pelli & Will Ridenour

Kay Blada Recycling in Haiti Presents

Benefit Concert For Recycling In Haiti With Gabe Pelli & Will Ridenour

Sun, October 22, 2017

Doors: 3:00 pm / Show: 3:00 pm

Haw River Ballroom

Saxapahaw, NC


Benefit Concert For Recycling In Haiti With Gabe Pelli & Will Ridenour
Benefit Concert For Recycling In Haiti With Gabe Pelli & Will Ridenour
Join us for an afternoon of great music to support Kay Blada Recycling in Haiti!

From Chapel Hill, NC, Gabriel Pelli and Will Ridenour are creating an unprecedented blend of American folk and West African kora music. Fiddle and guitar intersect with the 21 stringed kora in ways that create an uplifting and soul stirring sound. Roots music from two continents collide with passion!

More about Kay Blada:

What is KayBlada about:
We are a social enterprise/service project located in Haiti Kay Blada Recycling focuses its effort on the Recycling of plastic bottles. We've created many local jobs/income opportunities, and at the same time we are cleaning up the environment. KayBlada also puts a lot of time into educating the public about the value of Recycling.

Sustainability/ Social impact:
We have been serving the community of Hinche, Haiti since December 2015. We have collected ~65,000 pounds of plastic. We have created so far 3 direct jobs and 65 income opportunities (which are the plastic collectors). That contributes in the growing of the local economy. We are mainly focus on providing a way for THE POOREST OF THE POOR to make a meager income, which goes towards paying for food, school (there is no free public school in Haiti), school uniforms for children, etc.

Kay Blada is currently seeking donations to fund its move to an upgraded facility. With increased funding, Kay Blada will be able to greatly increase operating efficiency of its plastic processing and handle greater volumes of collected plastic. Kay Blada will have access to more effective collection tools, processing facilities, employee training, plastic transportation vehicles, and local marketing. Every contribution helps Kay Blada to fulfill its mission of creating local jobs, educating the community, and cleaning up the environment. All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, and are processed securely through stripe payments and

Watch this short video about this amazing service project.

More about the band:
Whether it be playing in Hospitals for the sick and shut-in, or in fancy Greek temple theatres, outdoor festivals, or dingy house parties; people from all walks of life can relate to their music.
Cultured songs spark images of love and remembrance, beauty and resistance, passion and strength, and propell the listener on a voyage.
Together, they create an uplifting sound with profound capabilities.

Will Ridenour has studied the West African harp-lute kora since 1999, and with this collaboration brings his unique and universal style to fruition. He has toured 28 countries worldwide with punk outfit Zegota and dance band Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba.

Gabriel Pelli brings an indie rock and jazz background to the group from his work and touring with The Old Ceremony and Squirrel Nut Zippers. He also has a passion for folk music, old time fiddle, music for theater and film, and his family.

The two recorded their debut album in a 100-year-old Chapel in rural NC, and it will be available early 2018!
Venue Information:
Haw River Ballroom
1711 Saxapahaw-Bethlehem Church Road
Saxapahaw, NC, 27340